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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 30, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with four other people. kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five"! ♪ ♪ >> dana: the press once again caught in a selective editing scandal, this time proclaiming that the far of a little boy killed in newtown massacre was he canleed. take was -- was heckled.
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take a look. >> why anyone in room needs assault style weapons or military weapons or high-capacity clips. not one person can answer that question. >> please, no comments while mr. heslin is speaking. clear the room. >> dana: here is the part they didn't show you. >> i ask if there is anyone in this room can give me one reason or challenge this question why anybody in this room needs to have one of these assault-style weapons or military weapons? >> dana: greg, yesterday, you did something that no one else has done before 5:00. you actually watched the vid row.
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>> greg: yes. i thought you said went to a bar and got drunk. it wasn't just msnbc that missed this. piers morgan,ianerson cooper, everyone fell for this. just like the moon landing. why did they fall for this? it's because of the assumptions. journalists don't know gun owners so they assume all gun owners are evil and bad people with wrong thoughts. it fed in their story line a they didn't want to give it up. the story line is gun owners are really bad, probably racist, rednecks. we should have a journalist exchange program to send a journalist to american family in the midwest or south to live with them and see what guns are like, which are like umbrella except they protect you from pain instead of rain.
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everybody unites in the belief that david from is a tool. that is an achievement. 'canes want to explain who he is? >> greg: no. >> dana: a former speech writer and he has a blog and he writes a lot. today he sent something out and said maybe i jumped the gun. in world of social media maybe that's what happened. kimberly, you think there is more to it. journalists want to be there first and sensationalisticly and they got caught doing it before. on nbc, they edited the trayvon martin 911 tapes. that got to be a big thing. then on -- the "under god." they edited that out in the montage of the pledge of allegiance. >> greg: edited out the skin color of a tea partier carrying a gun. remember that? >> dana: no. >> greg: it was a black man. they made him look white.
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they didn't want the -- they wanted the gun owner to be white. playing to the storyline. >> dana: thoughts on this. having his testimony, mr. heslin's testimony was important for the hearing. he had personal experience. emotions are running high. it was dramatic enough without having to edit the tape. >> kimberly: absolutely. the voice is to be heard. he is entitled to give his opinion, especially with all his family has gone through. it's disturbing when you see media distort situation like this to edit and make it what they want it to be to say he was heckleed when you look at the tape. that is not the case. he posed and asked a question. people respond back. it wasn't heckling, manner of disrespect to him in the situation. it was as will of his child. the media is in such a rush, mad dash to be first and fast. they don't care about the accuracy. >> dana: on social media because of it, some wayous blame it for everybody moving too fast.
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but it does serve as a check. immediate check on the media by other people. it give michelle malkin a lot of credit. she was on this immediately and said this is not true. she didn't let up until they apologized. >> eric: she pointed out the hoax right away. let's see the other check. let's see if the lefty website like media matters goes after martin bashear for edate is egregious misinterpretation of what happened. that gentleman said can anyone stand up and say anything. people did not answer for five seconds. they edited together an answer right up against when he said will anyone stand up to say and made it look like a heckling, it wasn't a heckling. he asked the second time and people said something. you are not supposed to talk in court. it was clear that the man was looking for someone to say something. they got that. martin bashir made it look like something it clearly wasn't. let's see if the media matters type go after martin bashir. i have a hunch they won't. only us if we go ahead -- by
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the way, we edit stuff. we edit stuff when it's, when things are too long. we don't take things out of context the way he did. >> dana: bob, thoughts on it? >> kimberly: we don't chop it, bob. >> bob: i fell for this yesterday. i was going to use it for my one more thing and greg said you better look at the whole film. i did. he was right. although, i will say this. frankly, i don't care how many times he asks. given the fact he lost his kid, i would have kept my mouth shut. >> eric: that is not the question. selective editing. >> bob: it fooled me. i got it off the front of huffington post. it fell for it. >> kimberly: would you agree it's increasable for the media to do that? they are not reporting the news. >> bob: it is inexcusable. bad taste to answer the question. >> kimberly: how is that okay? >> greg: no wonder that journalists distrusts --be no wonder america distrusts media and journalists. you are lied to and they think
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you are stupid. they hate fox news as proxy for america. we don't fall in love and do this stuff. >> eric: the editing is laughable. do you remember in the election, he was going after mitt romney. putting stuff together that made no sense. i don't know why you watch him. he hasn't been relevant since michael jackson. >> bob: the way he edit that, took the sound and moved it around on the videotape. for our own purposes i don't think we have done that, edit a tape. we have on occasion, your famous i built that, you didn't built that. >> dana: what was the one with joe biden on the phone calling somebody? boston the thing i got you didn't build that. we didn't put it in context. that is different -- >> dana: when you ran that full tape, it made it worse.
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>> greg: why do people create false storys? to advance an agenda. to them, news is their canvas. they are the oliver stone creating their own fictionm dream scenario, because they believe their feelings actually trump thinking and trump fact. it's always going to be for the greater good to lie. if your lies in your mind feed to this -- >> bob: how much do you think is if agenda and how much is the sensationalism of it? >> greg: i think their agenda is they hate part of america. specific part of america. people who own guns are a symbol of that america. whether they find something, lawrence o'donnell or bashir find something to validate that idea they can't let go of it. it those be true. >> eric: you know how egregious that is to put sound of people reacting to something up against something that they weren't even -- he wasn't even asking. wasn't response to what he said. it would be like if president obama talking about something terrible and us editing the audience clapping about it.
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>> dana: and laughing. >> eric: on the heels of it. it's terrible. it's not journallism. >> bob: is there something in press world where there is accountability? is there a board or something like that to call you on these things? >> dana: i think the peer pressure for journalists serves as the best check against that. >> greg: i disagree. i have instituted a journalistic spanking program. where when this happened they have to come to my apartment and i spank them vigorously. >> kimberly: are you looking forward to spanking bashir? >> greg: for some it's not a deterrent. >> eric: now you have someone else issuing the spanking -- >> kimberly: i hear martin bashir is at your door right now. >> dana: we'll get to the second topic. news today about the economy that was surprised a lot of economists. they weren't expecting for the economy to actually slink. contracted in -- actually
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shrank, contracted in the fourth quarter. >> eric: everybody says everything is great, obama recovery is great. see the line right there? it should be negative. it is below the line. economy shrank by one-tenth of 1% catching people by surpris surprise. >> dana: caught people from surprise? >> eric: everyone. everyone. everyone. everyone said wait a minute, we're moving. it wasn't 3.1% growth like the third quarter was. we thought it would be in the 1.5-2% growth, but growth none. first time in 3-1/2 years. we have spent $5.8 trillion, negative growth. >> greg: this is great, though. this is all part of president obama's immigration plan. shrink the economy, people leave. genius. >> dana: do you think it's weird that the white house blamed the republicans today faz they have nothing to do -- >> bob: i think, i think the serious blame goes to sandy more than anything else. i don't think i would - --
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>> greg: sund sandy duncan? >> bob: the hurricane. it schloyed down the economy. massive storm. >> dana: i hope that is -- i hope that is true. >> eric: be honest. this is some defense spending cuts that came out. the problem is if the whole economy is based on government spending, only going to get growth -- >> dana: we are in trouble. >> eric: not a healthy economy. can't survive on its own. >> bob: sandy took out better part of the northeastern part of the country not producing -- they didn't have electricity. >> kimberly: not their sole responsibility. >> bob: a big part to do with it. >> eric: $15 trillion economy, hurricane in one quadrant won't put the whole economy in standstill. >> dana: when is the last time you read an article about plan or a new initiative or something to help improve unemployment rate?
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you just don't. >> bob: i differ with you. obama has a jobs bill in the house. [over talking ] it has been sitting there. >> dana: the house passed 29 bills they said were pro-growth and they haven't passed. >> bob: they may say it's pro-growth. i don't buy in to that. >> dana: president obama's bill, the more of it is government spending. you can't expect the economy to be able to take care of itself and grow. just on government spending alone. >> eric: that is the word. "growth." if you just keep spending government money you are not creating growth. just creating fuel -- >> bob: what is wrong with the administration, then? let the cuts take place in defense and domestic spending. >> dana: that is the white house's idea in the first place. before we, go greg has his brush here. been on the whole table the whole time. such a big mouth. >> greg: here we are talking about msnbc and you are lying. this is your brush. >> dana: it is not my brush.
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this is the one they use for you to bring it out and do your hair. >> kimberly: you are like the fonz. >> greg: i'm going to msnbc. they will understand me >> dana: the first order of business for president obama back in 2009. >> the first executive order we are signing. guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now. now there is news on the administration's effort to close the terror prison camp when we come back. ♪ ♪ i'm serious, we compare our direct rates side by side to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: daniel fried, the special envoy for shutting down gitmo has left the job and won't be replaced. i'm told he plans to open a nude car wash. so basically, the office for closing gitmo has been closed. it's like a dog out-living its owner. something jasper dreams of daily.
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his job was to resettle detainees, which is realistic to ask a bystander to hold your bomb. bush knew that, but he is a republican so the press doesn't care. the obama administration doesn't feel the long held goal to close gitmo is realistic but that's okay, because everything under obama is okay. if i were him and sometimes i pretend i am at night in my closet i start a game called, "what can i get away with?" and i spend time floating odd proposals to the press and bet on how frothy their response would be. he could have space colony for gigiraffes. he could kill a vital oil pipeline for no reason. cause colleges to slash professor's officers to escape the wrath of obamacare. alow gun running to mexico that kills a border agent. spend millions on losers take solyndra that goes bankruptcy as the economy screams for real help.
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blame a terror attack on the video and jail the video make maker. claim skeet chute at camp david. even the american press couldn't believe that one. >> kimberly: so weird. [ laughter ] >> greg: what is wrong with you? >> kimberly: a lot. >> greg: i know. you want to play a shot of carney on gitmo from five years ago or so? why don't we do that for fun? >> guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now. >> does the president plan to address first campaign promise to close the detention center at guantanamo bay? >> as you know, the president remains committed with that. he agrees with the military leaders as well as the immediate predecessor we ought to do that. >> dana: can't even say his name. media predecessor. >> greg: was there ever any doubt this -- it was never going to close. there is nothing to -- >> dana: i am telling you, in the bush administration, we
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agreed, president bush said we are going to try to close this thing. but we have the terrorists. the prisoners that were picked up on a battlefield. if we can't send them back to their country where we can be assured they will not commit more acts of terror, we are not going to let them go. now you have the north africa problem you can't send them back because of the recidivism rate is so high. >> greg: good word. well done. >> eric: dana brings up a great point. what do we do with the office employees? transfer them to office in illinois? >> greg: i don't know. will they take them? >> dana: dan freeze is a wonderful man. the special envoy. he gets the toughest assignment at the state department. >> kimberly: the inside info. >> dana: it looks like abraham lincoln. >> greg: he does. looks like he should be on a coin. kimberly, you vacation at gitmo every august. >> kimberly: i love it. i tell you, i find it luxurious, i'm well-fed. great exercising. jane fonda videos, it's quite
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simulating. food is outstanding. look at my nice svelte figure on the gitmo food. it's a big piece of the 2008 election. he promised this. the liberals laughed it up. close gli gitmo. where is that? >> dana: i'm glad they are not going to close it. >> bob: keep this in some perspective. at the peak there was 770-something prisoners. down to 166. they couldn't, some of those they transferred in the bush administration and the obama administration. turned out they escape and go on to do terrorist act. they can't place the 160 people anyplace else. no one will take them. their own country won't take them. what obama realized push came to shove and they got to the bottom of the barrel, there is nothing they can do about it. >> eric: that is not what he realized. he realized putting political detainees at gitmo he said i'll sol tv problem, i'll kill them. drone them. >> dana: don't you think
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it's odd -- >> bob: what is wrong with that? >> eric: nothing. i don't think there is a problem with droning, and i'm for killing the bad guys via drones but the thing is he was against this type of -- wate waterboarding, he is against it. but drone is better. >> bob: kill the guy that is a number two -- >> i'm for it, bob. i'm all thumbs up for the drone program. >> kimberly: we support it but saying it's inconsistent policy. it smacks of hypocrisy that the man said it's unlawful and you shouldn't torture people, bad, bad, shame on you, burned. he puts out his own form of the roach motel if pre predator drone. you check in and you don't check out. >> greg: i promised i would do something in the block for you. new popularity polls for obama. favorable 60%.
2:24 pm
unfavorable 37%. no opinion, 3%. >> dana: they're like we don't care. >> greg: he is asked to be part of a poll and you have no opinion, what is wrong with you? what are your thoughts on it? it seems high. >> bob: very high. historically, extremely high for second-term president. two things. one, on the economy, i don't think that people think it's as bad as the talking chatter class here does. secondly, there is a sense, fairly or unfairly that obama did inherit this, hung on to the election and inherited a mess and had to deal with it. secondly, a lot is a reflection on the republicans to be hones. i don't think the people like him much. freddie i don't like anybody much. >> dana: i'm in the 3%. >> greg: all right. coming up, prostitution scandal involving the democratic senator bob m menendez, right there.
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but shockingly, the media doesn't want to talk about it. we'll brief you next. ♪ ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: file this under another story the main stream media is ignoring. f.b.i. has been investigating bob mendez for soliciting underage dominican prostitutes. last night they raided office of florida eye doctor linked to democratic lawmaker. there are allegations that the doctor may have provided free trips for menendez and the prostitutes themselves. he is supposed to succeed john kerry as chairman of the foreign relations committee. where did we hear this in the press except on fox news?
2:30 pm
absent. >> greg: we know that having sex with underage prostitutes can be caused by climate change. cold weather. as we know is caused by climate change, which forces people like menendez to travel abroad and forces him to sleep with these women. he is faultless. by the way, he took over the foreign relations committee. maybe he takes the job to heart. >> kimberly: eric? >> eric: let's set this up a little bit. i saw the managing editor of the daily caller who broke the story on megan's show earlier today and not do they have the witnesses, i guess you call them witnesses when you have had sex with the man. that's a witness. no, no, they also had a guy in the dominican republic, they are flying from palm beach to dominican republic that was arranging the trips with dr. melgin and senator menendez. they are liquor-fueled sex
2:31 pm
trips. >> bob: let me see if i get this right. your witnesses so far, allegations as if there are allegations that all -- we don't know what the f.b.i. is in there looking for. we have no -- >> kimberly: bob, that's not -- >> bob: the allegation and support of this is from a pimp and two hookers in dominican republic? that is who you are going to put on the stand? this is outrageous we would do that. outrageous. >> greg: bob is right. how do we know he wasn't auditions federal interns the clinton way. >> kimberly: it seems because this is a democratic senator you have trouble with it. hold on. when you have a secret service scandal it was okay to take the word, the allegation of the -- >> bob: no, i defended the secret service. >> kimberly: c'mon. >> bob: i did. i defended it and i got heat with it. >> kimberly: maybe because you don't a problem with it. but not to diminish they have evidence. this is an f.b.i. investigation. listen to the sot here to get menendez reaction. >> senator, i want to ask you
2:32 pm
to set the record straight i am hearing all these stories about the f.b.i. investigating you. >> bob: we have heard all the rumors from the daily caller. all the rumors. there is solid press evidence to go on. >> kimberly: bob, we thought this would make you happy. we called senator menendez's office and asked him for a statement, ask if he wants to come on fox. this is what we got. dr. melgin has been a friend and political supporter of senator menendez for many years.
2:33 pm
>> bob: there you go. >> kimberly: despite there is evidence in the contrary. >> bob: statement from two hookers in the dominican republic. >> kimberly: you're being disrespectful. >> eric: i think you are right. if it's two hookers and a pimp, i agree. if there is corroborating evidence we have to find out because it's illegal. can we point something out -- >> greg: politicians are okay? >> eric: we need to point this out. the f.b.i. is raiding the doctor's office because he has, there is an $11 million lien that he is not paying his taxes. there may be questionable contributions gip on >> kimberly: there are e-mails posted and they may corroborate the information given from the e-mail to ti tipster. >> dana: i am just listening. i'm cautious when it comes to
2:34 pm
getting in front of the f.b.i. let them do their investigation. it was reported in the "miriam herald" today -- miami herald" today. comment about the press. it's dangerous when you decide who is and is not a reporter. one that you would or would not deal with. when the dan rathertory broke about the documents being forged that was not because of intrepid reporter. take your pick of any of the big papers. it would be depicted as a blogger in the pajamas. he found that. stories pop up anywhere. journalists work for liberal or conservative newspapers or has conservative news editorial page. you bet every pay attention to all of them because where there is smoke, there is fire. >> kimberly: as a smoke and fire this morning the only place reporting it was fox news. because after when the raid was going on between 5:00 a.m.
2:35 pm
and 9:00 a.m., cnn no, coverage found. >> dana: "miami herald" did run it. >> kimberly: they are doing their job. >> greg: i keep thinking all the time there is no way in heck i would run for office. when i see who is in office, i'm definitely qualified. >> eric: at what they are up to? >> kimberly: the good news is the main stream media says there shouldn't consideration of this whatsoever. coming up, why are high school students reciting the "pledge of allegiance" to american flag in arabic. some don't like it. the school's principal is not backing down. that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. big story is rer ver sal of what president obama called economic recovery. the economy shrank in the time quarter of last year. the first such drop since 2009. analysts blame the biggest cut defense and sluggish growth in company stock piles. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords was a surprise witness in a hearing on gun control. the other side, wayne lapierre. this is what it look like in china today. heavy smog and pollution. leading of talk of big changes s in the pop cyst country now.
2:41 pm
back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: as the father of a high school student and proud american this hits home. kids in rocky mountain high school are allowed to say the "pledge of allegiance" to our flag, old glory, in arabic. over the school intercom system. principal tom lopez is standing by the decision. hang in there, bob. a lot of parents aren't happy. this is the feedback. >> most of them are generated at me, being a poor leader and a poor principle for allowing this un-american activity to occur. a lady pointed out to me by allowing this to happen we are probably pushing a muslim
2:42 pm
brotherhood agenda and push islam to the school. >> eric: so, how many cases have we heard where the school districts are trying to take "undergood" out of the pledge of allegiance and they are allowed to say the pledge of allegiance in arabic. >> bob: this is part of a cultural club. do the translation also in korean and chinese. what is wrong with that? if they were doing muslim prayer i could understand that. or the muslim national anthem whatever it is. i can understand it. that is the american national anthem. what is wrong with that? >> eric: i will leave it there. >> kimberly: bob, do you think -- [ overtalk ] >> dana: i defend the principle, p-l-e and the principal, p-a-l. when i first heard it being from colorado, i thought that sounds strange. i read it and i said the kids got together and said we want to learn more about the world
2:43 pm
and we want to figure out how to do that. kids are provocative. the high school teacher is like this is a good place for them to try out to do it. >> eric: that is the same argument they made when they were indoctrinating the group, remember they were forced to speak ara pick in class -- arabic in class. >> greg: a success is arabic "pledge of allegiance" in syria or yemen. that would be awesome. no country survives raising the self-esteem of other. >> eric: dodgeball in burqas. >> greg: it would be awesome. >> kimberly: it would throw off your ek balance. would i cover this hair? don't get crazy on me. >> eric: talking about muslim in the high school.
2:44 pm
there are students in a d.c. high school allowed to -- they get prayer time because they're performing well in class. >> kimberly: i hear the chachng from the lawsuit. what about my country? you can't do for one what you can't do the other. >> dana: prayer time for doing well in class. people doing poorly in class need those prayer time break for better grades. >> kimberly: bob? >> bob: if you have a arely john that requires you to pray five times a day and one comes in the school day, and they are doing well, let them go to the playground to do the prayers, there is nothing wrong with it. >> greg: i am okay with this if the asimilar salt lake city two-way street. i have a fear of divisive country. no longer america.
2:45 pm
we're muslim, black, hispanic, gay. i would just allow the other stuff to happen after being american. >> kimberly: multi-churallism. >> eric: if my kid is a good student and catholic he should get the same amount of prayer time? >> dana: it can't be state-sponsored prayer. >> kimberly: bob knows. >> bob: if your religion you to pray, catholic religion requires you to pray in the day i assume he would have the same equal rights but it doesn't. >> greg: if many my religion required me to dance without my pants on every five minutes? >> eric: that's what your religion does do. coming up, this volkswagen ad is racist. do you agree. watch. >> three minutes late. >> no cloud on a sunny day. >> sir? >> eric: should they pull the plug on the controversial
2:46 pm
commercial or is the criticism that political correctness runs amok? we'll debate next on "the five." ♪ ♪ in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ at to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: bubbles? >> greg: buggles. >> bob: super bowl sunday is four days from today. the volkswagen ad on the day that day is getting attention. take a look. >> i hate mondays. >> they're the worst. >> no worries, man. everything will be all right. yeah, man. sticky bun come soon. >> yeah! ♪ >> wicked! julia, turn the frown the other way around. ♪ ♪ >> you guys are three minutes late. >> no cloud on a sunny day.
2:51 pm
>> thigh have gotten over a million hits. some consider it racist toward jamaicans. what do you think? >> eric: it's a fantastic ad. they should leave it up. it makes you happy. a fun ad. i love reggae, people love it. they get happy. they think of the islands. i don't think of racism whatsoever. and the people want to back down are probably racist themselves. >> dana: i like the spokesperson comment for v.w. called about this. he said the idea was to put a spiel on your face. it's simple, human and humorous. perhaps some people are overthinking. >> bob: are you overthinking anything? >> greg: no. when i think of reggae, i think of that horrible weekend in hedonism 2 on the nude side. disgusting. we can fit -- i we should face the fact being white is racis racist. a hostile gesture. wife weren't you born black? how dare you?
2:52 pm
it's a positive ad. >> he delivered it well. >> kimberly: now volkswagen wins because it's gone viral. everything is watching it. they are getting press out of it. whether you like it or not. >> bob: i don't think it's racist. i tried to speak like that. 2011, volkswagen has to most number of hits on youtube in history. take a look at this one. ♪ ♪ >> bob: yeah, man, that made me happy! that was close. anybody want to try one? c'mon, c'mon. >> dana: yeah, man. >> bob: that's good. >> greg: yemen. >> kimberly: yeah, man. i got 13 jobs, man. boston that is very good.
2:53 pm
>> kimberly: thank you. >> bob: i remember i used to use a certainbe cannabis down there, i could do it really well. >> kimberly: sharing. >> eric: they are well known for that in jamaica -- >> kimberly: what? >> bob: smoking dope. >> dana: not only a racist but druggist. >> kimberly: i feel an apology coming on. one more thing, man. >> bob: one more thing is coming up, man! >> kimberly: that was a good one! ♪ ♪
2:54 pm
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2:57 pm
>> dana: welcome back. time for one more thing. bob will kick it off. >> bob: hawaiian surfer garrett mcnamara set a record in 2007. watch this. it was the "guinness book of world records," 78 feet. unbelievable. but if you think that is unbelievable, look at what he did this year. this is still waiting for the "guinness book of world records" but it looks like it's 100-foot wave. this guy has guts. i mean, i can't believe -- he is 45 years old, from massachusetts. been in hawaii for a long time. started at 11 years old. >> dana: are you sure it's guts? >> kimberly: dana perino livingston edge. >> greg: you are filthy. >> dana: yep. if you let me happen. >> kimberly: husbands, if you are having less sex than normal, do you want to know why? >> bob: yeah.
2:58 pm
>> dana: why? >> kimberly: because you're doing too many chores around the house. if you're getting the honey-do list and it says vacuum, say, no, baby, give me my lawnmower. that way you have a happy life and go to work with a big smile on your face. there is a study here, guys need to get the man on and not do traditionally female chores. >> dana: what man came up with this study? >> kimberly: this is a guy, obviously, that is pushing this. because they're trying to get out of doing the stuff on the list. >> bob: did you make your three husbands do that? >> kimberly: again, that is an incorrect statement. >> greg: so homophobic. what if it were two men. this show makes me sick. >> dana: that is a fascinating study. >> kimberly: thank you. >> eric: nothing to say about that whatsoever. >> kimberly: what do you do around the house? >> eric: play ball with the boy in the backyard. a lot of people comment about this. you hate it, you love it. twitter was c.o.d. someone said what about people with less than five fingers,
2:59 pm
that is fingerrist. i said, i called a couple of people. it called justin bieber and hillary and said what should i do? they sent that back. but wasn't until this guy who told me what to do. there it is. i'm going to keep doing it. >> dana: say it loud and say it proud. >> eric: did you know we were second in all of cable news last month? putting it out there. >> greg: i have a banned thing. reward card. one thing you get if you get 12 cards, coffee you get a free coffee. at a soup joint it's 12 soups. sandwich place, i could do this for hours. this is really stressful. i want you people to stop asking me if i have a rewards card. i don't want one. i don't want one of the cards. if i have one, i have to look for it. then it drives me crazy. >> bob: the same thing happen to me in a massage parlor. 12 massages. >> eric: you have a


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